Rental Application & Information Sheet

Affordable Rental Associates, LLC

1020 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53204

(414) 643-5635 •

Thinking of renting for prostitution or drug dealers? Don't! We cooperate with the Milwaukee Police efforts to curb crime in our neighborhood. This is a ONE-YEAR lease.

You must have made an appointment and have been inside the unit before applying.   If you have not made an appointment, please call (414) 643-5635

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Rent Assistance /Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher

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Full Security Deposit and rent must be paid, and all adults must sign the rental agreement before the move-in date.

We hereby apply for the above premises.

  • We have inspected the unit and determined that it fits our needs.
  • We have read the rental agreement and accept those terms.
  • We understand that if we are accepted and fail to take possession, we may forfeit our earnest money and may be liable for rent due until the unit is rerented. We understand failure to pay all amounts due on or before the scheduled move-in date is deemed a failure to take possession, and the unit will no longer be held for us.
  • We understand that all applications are subject to the owners' approval.
  • We certify that all the information we have provided is true and correct to the best of our knowledge.
  • We agree that the owner may take up to seven business days to process and approve or reject this application. Upon rejection of an application, the applicant's earnest money will be available to be picked up at the office during normal business hours. To ensure proper return, applicants must bring the earnest receipt and their picture ID.
  • We have read and understood the disclosures included with this application
  • We have been provided with the written rental criteria. We understand that if we meet the criteria or other factors that should be considered but were rejected, we can bring supporting documentation for manager review. This may include but is not limited to, a letter from a parole agent or other official on government letterhead. Units are not on hold pending resolution of eligibility, but similar units are generally available
  • We understand if our income cannot be verified, we will be required to submit our information to Payscore.  There is a fee of $10 per verification that is paid directly by the applicant to PayScore 

I/we authorize Affordable Rental Associates, LLC, and/or any Credit Information Services to obtain information concerning my past credit and/or tenant-landlord history now or anytime in the future. I hereby authorize any of the following sources, including but not limited to landlords, public or privately owned utilities, current or past creditors, governmental housing agencies, and/or other credit reporting agencies, to release any information to Affordable Rental Associates, LLC or any Credit Information Service concerning my/our past credit and/or tenant-landlord history. I understand that Affordable Rental Associates, LLC may verify my current residence in person without further notice.

I hereby release any of the above sources, their officers, agents, or employees from any liability for damages of whatsoever kind or nature, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, which may at any time result to me/us because of compliance with the above-mentioned inquiry which may include the answering of specific questions and the giving of any information concerning my/our records.

Upon submission, this Application and all supporting documents become the property of Affordable Rental Associates, LLC, and will not be returned to Applicant


It is the applicants' responsibility to provide all documentation and information necessary for us to approve the application


Lead Hazard Warning Statement

Lead exposure is especially harmful to young children and pregnant women. Before renting pre-1978 housing, landlords must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint and lead based paint hazards in the dwelling. Tenants must also receive a Federally approved pamphlet on lead poisoning prevention.

This dwelling was built before 1978 and lead based paint is likely to be present on interior and exterior painted surfaces and underlying coats of paint. Lead based paint hazards exist now or may arise during your occupancy if these painted surfaces are damaged, disturbed, chipped, peeling, or abraded. Lead based paint chips or dust in soil surrounding the premises also constitute a hazard. Parents with small children should carefully consider these risks before renting this or any other housing built before 1978.

Lessor will provide reports or records pertaining to lead based paint and/or lead based paint hazards in the housing , if any, upon request.

This property is in an area serviced by public and private lead underground water pipes, therefore drinking or cooking with tap water may pose a health risk, especially to children under six and pregnant women.

Flushing water from a kitchen faucet for a few minutes before using it for drinking or cooking can reduce the risk of contamination, but it does not eliminate it.

Tenants with children under six or are pregnant or breastfeeding should use an approved water filter or bottled water for all cooking and drinking until the City of Milwaukee can replace all lead water pipes throughout the city.

Water filters are available at Wal Mart, Home Depot and hardware stores for $30. The City of Milwaukee Health Department is providing free filters to low-income residents. If you have purchased or received a filter and have trouble installing it, please contact the office at 414-643-5635. We will provide a service person to help with the installation at no cost to the tenant.

Additional Disclosures

Gas and electric are separate and are the tenants responsibility. Some fixtures may be on your meter that are not in your unit, such as but not limited to basement, exterior and hall fixtures due to the age and construction of the building.

Electric and Gas is off or scheduled to be turned off. You must contact WE Energies at 1-800-242-9137 at least 72 hours prior to moving in to have the service turned on. Failure to do so may result in your unit being without heat, hot water or electric. Occasionally furnaces or water heaters may need servicing once the gas is turned on. If there is a problem contact us promptly so we may send a maintenance worker out during normal working hours.

During the cold months we may turn off the water to vacant units. You must contact the office to have the water turned on after you have had the gas and electric turned on in your name. Failure to do so may result in the unit being without hot or cold water.

When the outside temperature falls below 10 degrees the heating system may not maintain 67 degrees throughout the house. Units heated with a space heater or wall furnace will have some rooms which will not be as warm as others.

Allergens and asthma triggers - Former tenants may have been smokers or had pets with or without our permission. There may be mold or fungus and/or their spores.

Due to the close proximity of this unit to other homes there may be rodent or insects now or in the future. Tenants may pick up rodent or insect control products at our office. 

Although our maintenance people check plumbing, drains, electric and structural when they are preparing a unit for rerental, occasionally there may be a repair that is overlooked or not evident to them. Should this occur please contact the office so we may take care of the problem as part of our normal maintenance procedure.

This is a nonsmoking rental agreement. Tenant and their guests are not permitted to smoke in or on the property. The nonsmoking provision does not warranty or promise that the rental premises or common areas will be free from secondhand smoke. Tenants with respiratory ailments, allergies, or any other physical or mental condition relating to smoke are put on notice that Landlord does not assume any higher duty of care to enforce this nonsmoking provision than any other landlord obligation under the agreement. Tenants that rented prior to 1/1/2017 are not on nonsmoking rental agreements.

Milwaukee Police Department provides crime maps.  Check for registered sex in the area by calling (608) 240-5830 or online at

Infectious Disease Cleaning Landlord is delivering the premises in a broom-clean condition.  However, Landlord has not performed any sanitizing or deep-cleaning to counters, cabinets, fixtures, appliances, carpeting or other hard surfaces. Tenant is advised to perform such cleaning at Tenant's expense using approved cleansers and methods as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.